Monday, 11 February 2013

Truth About Cellulite - Why There Is Cellulite?

These include genetic-constitutional factors that can affect barely, but also influences endocrine (hormone levels disorders, hormonal contraceptives) and other (metabolic and circulatory - chronic venous and lymphatic insufficiency, obesity, a sedentary job, inappropriate footwear, apparel, disorders posture, etc.) to which we can actively influence.

The correct approach to treating cellulite should take into account all the factors that are involved in its development. Important preventive factor is to prevent obesity, and has been since when you were little. It is important to any physical activity. Cellulite Without Treatment of obesity and physical activity does not have any therapeutic attempt sense?

Treatment includes both local preparations, which have only a supportive effect and can be used as a supplement to physical therapy  Joey Atlas Cellulite

Local treatment On the skin it is recommended to apply a range of substances that may affect the status of the dermis, and enzymes (e.g. healer oxidize, L-thyroxin, L-carnation, Travertine) or substances affecting adipose tissue (e.g. Theo hyaline) Cellulite Product Reviews

Physical therapy cellulite treatment called the used press therapy; manual lymph drainage, ultrasound therapy, and treatment electro idolize some high-power lasers.

Treatment of cellulites
Regular physical activity
Health food
Proper clothing and footwear

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